g.UDPinterface: Specs & Features


The exchange of data between different computer systems is important for many applications.

The g.UDPinterface for MATLAB/Simulink provides ready-to-use Simulink blocks and MATLAB
functions to transmit data from a biosignal recording device to other applications like a Virtual Reality
system or another MATLAB instance on another PC.

The g.UDPinterface can be used to exchange data between 2 Simulink applications running on two
different PCs or notebooks.


Product Highlights

  • Exchange data between MATLAB/Simulink on two PCs over a standard network connection
  • PCs are just connected with a normal network cable for data exchange
  • The Simulink blocks can be used per drag-and-drop
  • Fast data exchange with response time < 1ms
  • Allows you to interface MATLAB with other software packages

Example: Data Exchange between two PCs running Simulink

On PC #1 this model reads biosignal data from the gMOBIlab  device into Simulink and passes the data to the UDP  block. The UDP block sends the data over the network connection to PC #2.

The block also receives data from PC #2 and visualizes the data in the Scope  block on channel 1. The second channel of the Scope  shows the data acquired with g.USBamp .

On PC #2 this Simulink model reads biosignal data into Simulink, converts the data in double precision and sends the data with the UDP  block to PC #1. The UDP  block also receives data from PC #1 and visualizes the data with the Scope  block. The second Scope  channel displays the signal amplified with g.MOBIlab+ on channel 1.

Available configurations


product no.: 0264 read more g.UDPinterface: Specs & Features — data exchange with network connection between Simulink/MATLAB on different PCs (eg. BCI, VR, XVR, ...); single place licence; prerequisite MATLAB for OS English Win 32/64, SIMULINK

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